Interactive Installations and Festivals

Dancing Ice Cobras

Ice, LED light


300 lb block

Performance installation:

Portland Winter Light Festival 2020

Live ice carving during the day

Illuminated display at night


Polystyrene, poplar, jelutong, 3D-printed PLA plastic, joint compound, acrylic, house paint

Environments to stack and balance small modules of different shapes and textures

Green World: 23x18x13"

Pink World: 25x22x12"

Yellow World: 18x24x16"


KCAI Sculpture department 2016

KCAI Crossroads Gallery: "First Cut" 2017

University of Nebraska Omaha: "Sensory: Please Touch the Art 3.0" 2019

Topsy Turvy

Polystyrene, wood, spray paint, metal



KCAI Sculpture department 2017


Oak tops and basswood bowls turned on the lathe, welded steel legs for bowls, non-toxic liquid watercolor tubes stored in a carved wooden log, wood circle on Lazy Susan, paper

Tops dipped in ink and spun on paper 


Railroad Gallery: "Topsy Turvy" 2019, a solo show by Lila Ferber, Salem, NY

Station House: "Art All Night" 2017, a multi-gallery festival, Washington, DC

KCAI Sculpture department, 2015