Lila Ferber is an artist from Omaha, NE.  She has received a BFA in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute, and has studied at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Arizona State University.  She creates abstract oil paintings and carves wood and stone. 


She has exhibited in group shows across the country, including Omaha, Kansas City, Portland, Phoenix, Vermont, and DC.  She has worked at the the KCAI Crossroads Gallery, the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in Vermont, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in DC. 


She's currently in Omaha, guarding the art at the Joslyn Art Museum.  She also works on the Imagination Crew at the Omaha Children's Museum, playing with children in the interactive science and art exhibits and assisting the fabrication team.  She did a two-week residency at Wickerson Studios in July.  She is working on a new body of twisty wood sculptures with her chainsaw.

Artist Statement

My work combines carved biomorphic shapes made of stone, wood, and foam that I stack together into interactive abstract sculptures.  Balance is a key element, as each individual piece relies on the others for support in a visually precarious yet structurally sound manner.  I intuitively carve tunnels and protrusions to form shapes that comfortably mold to the curvature of my hand, and then scale them in size.  I incorporate the organic forms of my small carved sculptures into their bases, often turning asymmetrical wooden supports on the lathe to create points of interaction.  All of the playful elements fit together like a puzzle of multiple combinations.


The pace of carving by hand and the tactility involved are important parts of my process.  I incorporate different textures, materials, and surface treatments into each sculpture to translate the tactile process to the viewer.  


In specific installations, I release my work to an audience as toys they can touch and interact with as a form of play.  The audience can explore the multiple surfaces of wood and 3D-printed plastic in a hands-on space.  By playing with physical instead of digital forms, participants are encouraged to slow down, experiencing the pace and focus of my carving process, as well as learning for themselves the whimsy of balancing a sculpture.

I also love being outside and oil painting, and I'm inspired by my travels through different surroundings.


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