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Intermediate Classes

These lessons are for people who are already comfortable on a lathe.  The projects will be more challenging, but still very fun!

Salt and Pepper Mills

Students will start with a solid 3x3” wood blank.  They will learn to rough it into a cylinder, cut it to specific measurements, and drill out the inner chamber.  Next, each student will shape it into a mill, using their creativity to make a unique shape.  Then, they will sand and put a coat of finish on it.  All of these steps are done on the lathe!  Finally, they will install the grinding mechanism, and take home a functioning salt or pepper mill! hrs / $125


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Self-Winding Big Spinning Tops

If you love toys, this class is for you!  Make your own wind-up top that will spin for 60 seconds all the way up to 3 minutes!  This is a special design made of 5 different parts, all turned separately on the lathe and glued together at the end.  Add your own unique color, texture, and shape to each section.  There will be a variety of woods to choose from, a Sorby spiraling tool, homemade chatter tools, and many colors of sharpies.  You will add a string at the end that, when pulled, self-wind itself back into the top.  Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift that will entertain for hours.  You will also go home with detailed instructions on how to make this design on your lathe at home. 6 hrs / $200


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Multi-Axis Turning Basics

If you like abstract art, already know the basics of turning symmetrical things on the lathe, and want to learn a new skill, this class is for you!  Get experience in turning ghost wood, and learning how to control the asymmetrical shape you’re producing with different measurement templates.  Learn how to add captive rings to multi-axis turnings.  Practice balanced shapes and wildly unbalanced shapes.  Leave the class with a comprehensive diagram of multi-axis turning that will help you practice at home. 3 hrs / $100


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