Lila Ferber is an artist and exhibit fabricator from Omaha, Nebraska.  She received her BFA in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows nationally, including New York, DC, Portland, and Phoenix.  She interned with the Salem Art Works Sculpture Park in New York, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the exhibit fabrication department at the Omaha Children’s Museum.  


Currently in Kansas City, Lila is teaching woodturning classes on the lathe and traveling.  Most recently, she carved ice at the 2020 Portland Winter Light Festival. She creates abstract, playful wood carvings and oil paintings with bright colors and organic forms.  The shapes and textures found in nature inspire her art.

Lila Ferber 

Artist Statement

My work combines carved biomorphic shapes made of wood, stone, and foam that I stack together into interactive abstract sculptures. Balance is a key element, as each individual piece relies on the others for support in a visually precarious yet structurally sound manner. I intuitively carve tunnels and protrusions to form shapes that comfortably mold to the curvature of my hands. I often incorporate a type of feet or legs, sometimes turning asymmetrical wooden supports on the lathe. In specific installations, I release my work to an audience as toys they can touch and interact with as a form of play.


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